Kathleen K. Springer

City Council District 22
Kathleen K. Springer

Image of Kathleen Springer, 2017 Candidate for Council District 22

Running for: Council Member in City Council District 22

Campaign Website: http://votekathleen2017.com/

Party Line(s): 
Dive In

On the Ballot in:
The general election on November 7

Incumbent, Challenger, or Open Seat:
Kathleen K. Springer  is a challenger, running against the incumbent who currently serves as council member in this district 

We asked, and Kathleen K. Springer answered!

We sent questionnaires to candidates for city council (in the primary elections), to find out what they think about some of the most important and complex issues facing their districts and NYC as a whole.

Kathleen K. Springer put in the time and thought to fill it out, and we’re excited to share the responses!

Check out the candidate’s answers to these sections below (and note, our questions are in bold).

Kathleen K. Springer’s Background

Currently serving in any elected office?

Current Job

Licensed Real Estate Broker 30 years on Astoria, LIC specializing in Commercial and Residential Sales and Rentals in NYC, primarily in Queens. Former broker owner of Your Neighborhood Realty on Steinway St in Astoria sold in 2009. Currently manage own investment property.

Previous Jobs

Remax RE 1995 to 2000

Century 21 RE 1986 to 1995

Hunter BA Journalism Media Studies

Professional Associations

Formerly a Board Member on LIBOR 2001,2,3

Volunteer Experience

Volunteer campaign work for Gov Mario Cuomo years ago.
Did a year-long community project taking donations from businesses in Astoria to make a colorful cartune Map and guied of Astoria which could be hung as a poster or folded into a brochure. Made headlines in Newsdat Queens Profile Sept 20 1997. Handing them out to newcomers and residents of Astoria.

Community Affiliations and Membership

Other Relevant Experience

Grass roots activism started last August with a petition to Mayor de Blasio Save and Restore our historic NYC landmark Astoria Olympic Diving Pool, and now the wading sprinkler pool which expanded to other areas in Astoria Park.

Lessons from Experience

How to negotiate and bring about a satisfying outcome to all parties involved. To listen and understand all sides of an issue. To take action rather than just listening and doing nothing.
To be more accessible and not delegate every thing to underlings. Demand more accountability and oversight of city agency heads and political representatives. Follow up and return written letters, emails and phone calls from constituants and meeting in person when ever possible. No gate keeping.

Kathleen K. Springer’s Priorities for the Office of Council Member

How would you prioritize the different functions of the office of council member?

1: Constituent services
2: Discretionary funding
3: Land use decisionmaking
4: Legislation and policy
5: City budget
6: Oversight of agencies
7: Public education and interaction
8: Ceremonial functions

Each council member determines how to staff her/his office, and which positions she/he seeks to fill. Which positions do you plan to fill?

Chief of staff, Schedular and Community affairs liason, Secretary

How will you recruit staffers?

• Post job listings on your own website, or relevant government sites
• Engage consultants to shepherd the application and hiring process
• Perhaps select from volunteers

What criteria and process will you utilize in appointing community board members? Will you make your application process and any associated data transparent to the public, and if so, how?

Which NYC Council committees would you most like to join, as a member and/or chair?

• Economic Development
• Environmental Protection
• Parks and Recreation
• Sanitation and Solid Waste Management
• Transportation

Kathleen K. Springer’s Policy Positions

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  Top Policy Issues

Top Policy Issues

District Priorities: What do you think are the top 3 issues facing your district – and what is your plan to address each of those issues?

City Priorities: What do you think are the top 3 issues facing NYC as a whole – and what is your plan to address each of those issues?

Preservation and restoration of few remaining landmarks and expand the landmarks to few remaing historic structures in the Astoria, LIC and neighborhood before its too late.
More parks that are family friendly, accessible to seniors, and people with disabilities and safe and clean for children and pets and wildlife. Updated infrastructure, schools, parking, access to watetfront, green iniatives, more trees and cleaner air, waterways and drinking water and transportation.
Less congestion with better planing of street traffic routes, lights and signs, bike paths, wider roads where possible and more affordable transportation alternatives and more.

  Budget + Taxes
  Workers + Economic Development
  Transportation + Infrastructure
  Land Use + Real Estate + Housing
  Environment + Sanitation
  Public Health + Safety
  Education + Children + Youth
  Arts + Parks
  Constituent Groups’ Needs
  Policing + Criminal Justice
  Government Structures
  Elections + Campaign Finance

Kathleen K. Springer’s Demographic Info

Age Range: 50 – 64

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual

Do you consider yourself a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and/or Transgender (LGBT) community? No

Race: White/Caucasian

Religion: Christian – Catholic

Kathleen K. Springer’s Campaign Finance Info

Kathleen K. Springer is not participating in NYC’s public matching system, where the city gives the candidate 6 times the amount of eligible money she/he raised through the NYC Campaign Finance Board.

For more information about political donations to Kathleen K. Springer, and how the money is being spent, check out the candidate filing summaries here.


A big “thank you” to Kathleen K. Springer and campaign team for the time, thought, effort, and willingness to fill out our questionnaire.

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